video newscast app with “Alarming” appeal

Wakeupcall.tv takes care of two morning must-haves, an alarm clock and the day’s latest news, with a video newscast set to roll when you're ready to wake up.  The wakeupcall.tv alarm cues a 60 second daily buzz newscast anchored by national TV personality Andrea Jackson.  If you prefer to wake up to your own alarm, the "watch" tab allows you to view any of the newscasts without setting the alarm function.

Wakeupcall.tv offers seven video newscasts to choose from including the daily buzz, weather & airport travel, entertainment, lifestyle, your very own life coach, need-to-know, university and corporate newscasts.  The "share" function allows you to instantly post your favorite wakeupcall.tv newscasts to your own facebook and twitter pages.  

Get your wakeupcall.tv newscast now and download the app for free!

For iPhone, iPad & iPod users: http://tinyurl.com/wuctv-ios

For Android users:   http://tinyurl.com/wuctv-android

Plus... content suitable for the 12 & under smartphone set.


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CNET names wakeupcall.tv one of “top 4 awesome alarm apps”            
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